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About Me

The Real Ones Reserved podcast came about by founder & CEO Malcolm "MDEE The Veteran" Turner. Malcolm is from St. John Parish Louisiana and graduated from East St High School in 2004. As a child, Malcolm wanted to play in the NBA or NFL before enlisting in the United States Army in 2004.  Malcolm would go on to attend and graduate from basic training and advanced induvial training in South Carolina FT Jackson. Malcolm enlisted as a 63B Light wheeled mechanic and had assignments to Germany, FT Bragg, & FT Bliss. Throughout his military career, he completed various types of training, certifications, and education all to remain competitive in his field. Doing so allowed him to be selected as a Warrant Officer Candidate in 2016. Upon successful completion Malcolm graduated and was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer one in FT. Rucker Alabama and later graduated from MOS training at FT Lee Richmond Virginia.


 Starting his college journey Malcolm had no real direction of what he wanted to do. Near the end of completing his associates in general studies he learned that he wanted to pursue becoming a psychologist because he had a passion for helping others. He came to realization that he could have a more significant impact by podcasting and sharing his struggles with mental health. Malcolm served 16 years in the United States Army with two deployments to Iraq. His last position was as an automotive maintenance technician with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer two at Ft Bliss El Paso Texas. Malcolm has personal experiences, education, and other training which make him an expert regarding the challenges that mental health presents. Malcolm has a reputation of being an empathic, humble, understanding, and wise person. His training and expertise are in psychology, communication, resiliency, suicide prevention, sexual assault & more.


The Real Ones Reserved Podcast blog is all about providing support, and education, spreading mental awareness & positive perspective. We do this by sharing personal & relatable content to assist our readers in forming a more positive outlook on life.

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